For the misfits, the black sheep, and the rebellious.

At Biker Jewelry Shop we make badass jewelry for badass people. We've been around since Y2K, so we know what works and what doesn't. It all started with a guy thinking "Hey, I'm not seeing what I want online, why don't I just get it made myself?" And he did get it made, and it was awesome. Ever since then our stuff is designed and shipped from the Florida panhandle in the good ol' U S of A, so you won't have to deal with stupid long shipping times from other countries.

We've sold hundreds of thousands of pieces to loyal customers, from Harley riders to hardcore gamers. Our jewelry is going to hold up against whatever you throw at it; a rowdy mosh pit, a wipeout on the road, or a barroom brawl. So if you want to buy and wear cool shit that is more than the average "trendy" jewelry, we've got you covered.

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