Serenity Prayer Spinner Ring


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The Serenity Prayer Spinner Ring is more than just a ring, it's a companion for moments when clarity and peace are sought. Crafted with a polished stainless steel inner layer with the Serenity Prayer inscribed on the outer black band that spins 360°, this ring provides entertainment while it also helps to relieve stress. 


  • Custom-molded and cast with premium stainless steel
  • Scratch-resistant polished finish
  • Non-tarnish, UV resistant, and 100% waterproof
  • Full 360°outer band spin
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Hypoallergenic


Material: Stainless Steel
Approx. Weight: 7 grams
Available Widths: 8mm
Style Fit: Men's & Women's


Stress Relief: Spinner rings are often used as a form of stress relief. Spinning the outer band of the ring can provide a soothing, repetitive motion that helps to calm nerves and alleviate anxiety. It can serve as a simple and discreet way to manage stress in various situations.

Increased Focus and Concentration: The act of spinning the ring can improve focus and concentration, particularly in situations where one may feel restless or fidgety. This repetitive motion can help redirect nervous energy into a constructive and calming activity, enhancing mental clarity and attentiveness.

Subtle Distraction: In social or professional settings where nervousness or unease may arise, a spinner ring can offer a subtle distraction. Engaging with the spinning motion can help alleviate feelings of discomfort or restlessness, allowing for improved social interactions and enhanced focus during important tasks.

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Wrong item arrived

Hi Ryan, We ask that you please email us before posting a bad review. :( We are happy to get this resolved as your satisfaction is important to us. We will send you an email.

Brenda (New Jersey, United States)

Quality of product is great, received quickly and my granddaughter loves it!